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Mastering Generative AI in Marketing - Strategies, Tools, and Ethical Practice

Mastering Generative AI in Marketing - Strategies, Tools, and Ethical Practice

In this transformative three-day course, Mastering Generative AI in Marketing - Strategies, Tools, and Ethical Practice, you will explore generative artificial intelligence (AI) and its ongoing impact on the marketing landscape.

Designed to bridge the gap between advanced AI technologies and practical marketing applications, the course comprehensively examines how machine learning, especially Large Language Models (LLMs), can reshape content creation, audience engagement, and digital advertising strategies.

You will gain first-hand experience with the best AI tools for generating written content and visual media, learning to utilise the power of AI for ROI-focused and innovative marketing campaigns. The curriculum also explores crucial topics such as SEO optimisation, Google Analytics 4, social media strategies, and influencer marketing, ensuring a holistic understanding of digital marketing in the AI era.

Ethical considerations, potential biases, and responsible AI usage are core parts of the course, preparing you for the social and legal implications of deploying AI in marketing.  

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About Us

About the Programme

Mastering Generative AI in Marketing is a practical, three-day course for marketing professionals eager to integrate AI into their strategies. Covering everything from AI-generated content creation to ethical AI usage, the course blends practical skills with strategic insights.

Attendees will finish the course with a thorough understanding of AI's role in modern marketing, equipped with the tools and knowledge to innovatively and responsibly apply AI in various marketing contexts, from social media to digital advertising.

On completion of this programme, delegates will:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts and applications of generative AI in marketing. 
  • Master the use of AI tools for content creation, including written content and visual media. 
  • Develop strategies for integrating AI into marketing campaigns and digital advertising. 
  • Gain insights into ethical considerations, biases, and responsible AI usage in marketing. 

Session 1

Key themes include:

  • Introduction to Generative AI and its Impact on Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Large Language Models
  • Practical Applications of Generative AI for Written Content and Visual Media
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations in AI Marketing 

Session 2

Key themes include:

  • Integrating AI into Marketing Strategy and Content Delivery
  • The Role of AI in Digital Advertising and Analytics
  • Advanced Techniques in Audience Segmentation and Customer Journey Mapping
  • Optimising Websites and Landing Pages with AI Tools

Session 3

Key themes include:

  • Strategies for Effective Social Media Marketing in the Age of AI
  • Enhancing User Engagement through AI-Generated Content
  • The Power of Influencer Marketing and Brand Building with AI
  • Best Practices for Measuring and Optimising Social Media Campaigns 

Whilst this programme is not linked to a formal qualification, it will contribute to delegate’s ongoing personal and professional development.

Rian Bailey-Weir

Rian Bailey-Weir


Rian is a content marketing specialist with a passion for all things marketing, behaviour change, and empowerment through education.

He has a diverse background in marketing, having worked both in-house and agency-side with clients in various sectors like retail, construction, healthcare, education, and property over the last 10+ years.

Most notably, Rian has delivered successful strategic activity for clients such as Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Freeport, Peel: Wirral Waters, and Transport for the North to name a few.

Rian is a successful business leader and networker, having set up Liverpool-based content marketing agency A&B Marketing in 2020. Rian now leads a small team to deliver engaging marketing campaigns that are focused on collaborative, ROI-

Having delivered training to hundreds of delegates, Rian utilises his unique approach to marketing and education to guide delegates through each stage of the learning process at a pace that is comfortable and engaging.

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Is this course right for you?

  • Ideal for marketing professionals seeking to leverage AI for creative and efficient marketing strategies
  • Suitable for those looking to understand and apply ethical practices in AI-driven marketing
  • Perfect for digital marketers aiming to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of AI technology
  • Essential for content creators and strategists eager to explore innovative AI applications in marketing


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