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Modern Directors Programme

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Modern Directors Programme

Very few Directors have formal training and are left to simply “learn on the job”.  This is a challenge but is even more difficult with the current pace of change in the modern business landscape. Directors now need contend with an increasing number of challenges to stay up to date and make better informed decisions.  

The Modern Directors Programme is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge to carry out your increasingly complex role in today’s changing and agile world. The course focuses on fresh, new and modern-day issues facing boards, directors and business leaders.   

This course will cover not just new key skill sets, but also the key mindsets and practices for Director excellence. Academic research demonstrates that traits such as drive, resilience, and risk tolerance make Director’s more successful. 

Attendance at The Modern Directors Programme will help you future proof yourself and your business. It will arm delegates with the knowledge and practical skills required for developing, implementing and proactively leading in today’s face paced environment. The course will cover modern day issues, including:  

  • Putting yourself in the “10% club” by using the frameworks that aligns your WHOLE organisation to today’s challenges 
  • Embracing Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) 
  • How you really need to be thinking and approaching finance in todays world that goes way beyond understanding the P&L, cashflow and Balance Sheet of your organisation  
  • The important of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and it’s key contribution to  diversity of options AND opinions in decision making 
  • How to be more effective in your decision making that will increase the likelihood of you making the right decision by six fold  
  • Creating “alpha” in organisational performance in providing strategic courage in the age of volatility 

*Limited discounted places available for public and third sector organisations. Please enquire for more information.*

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About the Programme

This course is aimed at company directors, senior organisational leaders and company owners. Attendees will have held a Director level role for more than 3 years, or feel that are in need of looking at some fresh ideas in today’s evolving marketplace. 

It is specifically for leaders who want to learn about how they can take their business to the next level and expand their armoury with new skills and ways of working. 


We know that taking time out of the office to focus on personal development can be difficult, yet the value and benefits of doing so can be immediate and exponential 

*Please note that some of the materials and objectives may be subject to change depending on discussions, activities and needs of the cohort upon reflection of delegate responses to the pre-programme questionnaires.*

On completion of this programme, delegates will:

  • Possess the ability to validate a company’s strategy in the context of the vision and mission of the business - it all starts with knowing where you are going AND why
  • Develop an effective framework that “links” vision/mission with everyone’s role and ensure everyone is pointing in the right direction - and ensuring you are not in the “80% of all strategies are not executed” category
  • Hold an understanding of the global and UK ESG landscapes, key frameworks and regulations and the impact on organisations
  • Understand how to the assess potential ESG impacts (risks and opportunities) for your own organisation
  • Have an appreciation of what strong ESG governance looks like, including best practices and examples of ESG focus and measuring impact
  • Have developed the ability to identify the signs and symptoms of stress, overwhelm and potential burnout in both yourself and those you work with closely
  • Have proactive steps to maintain and improve your overall sense of wellbeing and to increase control over your stress levels
  • Have an appreciation of the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion in your company
  • Hold an understanding of the 6 characteristics of inclusive leadership and how they can impact your role
  • Have the ability to involve the wider team in furthering the ED&I agenda within your company  
  • Gain an understanding of the 38 constituent components that go into making a Board BOTH high performing and effective
  • Hold an appreciation for the need for diversity of thought in and out of your Boardroom and how you can easily and effectively achieve this.
  • Hold an appreciation of how the structure of Board meetings can be changed to ensure that 80% of meeting time is spent looking forwards and not procrastinating about what has happened.
  • Have the ability to create a bespoke roadmap for the next 12 months for the development of your own board
  • Understand the 9 key common problems of meetings and decision making
  • Understand how to create “space” to manage and innovate
  • Developing the 5 key steps for quicker and more effective decision making across the broader organisation


Session 1

Strategy – Aligning your Organisation to meet today’s challenges 

Key themes include: 

  • Mind The Gap – Re-frame your angle of vision 
  • Understand the 4 common problems where businesses get Strategy wrong 
  • Creating your non-financial Indispensable Compass that rallies the WHOLE organisation 
  • Creating “Central Nervous System” frameworks - linking the over-arching Vision/Mission to the Daily Tasks of EVERYONE in the Organisation  
  • The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Framework, Principles and Benefits 
  • The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Framework, Principles and Benefits 

Session 2

Finance - How you really need to be thinking and approaching finance in today’s world  

Key themes include: 

  • Understanding how ALL the financial statements are linked & why not to focus too much on P&L 
  • What are the 7 key 1 page schedules to include in your management account pack  
  • Unit Economics  
  • Understanding your overheads in 3 distinct “buckets” will help you drive better Sales; Gross Profit and Operating Profit performance  
  • How to present the funding case to funders  

Session 3

Embracing Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) 

Key themes include: 

  • The Difference Between Traditional Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts and Modern Embedded Sustainability  
  • ESG Frameworks, Regulation, Measurement and Reporting 
  • Understanding Global ESG Commitments: The EU Green Deal, the Paris Agreement, Cop26 
  • The Business Case for ESG - Establishing Your Goals and Define Your Strategy 
  • Good Governance: Ways to Assess Your Governance Structures and Their Effectiveness at Both Board Level and the Organization 

Session 4

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and Implementing Change   

Key themes include: 

  • Why EDI is so important and how you can improve your approach 
  • Diversity Of Thought – How to Effectively Introduce into both your Business AND Boardroom: Internal and External  
  • The importance of Diversity of Options and Opinions in Decision Making 

Session 5

Action Plan - Implementing Change   

  • The 5 steps for Making Greater/Faster Decisions 
  • Implementing Change – Strategic courage in the age of volatility 
  • Modelling the 18 Mindsets and Practices of Excellent CEO’s/MD’s 
  • Developing your own Action Plan 

Whilst this programme is not linked to a formal qualification, it will contribute to delegate’s ongoing personal and professional development.

Andy Bate

Andy Bate


Andy is a qualified chartered accountant with in excess of 15 years’ experience working in corporate finance and private equity organisations, where he did multiple Merger and Acquisitions and fund raising transactions and has sat on 15+ Boards.

He made the cross-over in wanting to build his own businesses and in the last 10 years, is a founding partner of a fast-growing and successful e-commerce company, and in 2019, co-founded and launched an education software business around capturing and evidencing health and wellbeing in children. Andy is also a founding partner of the consultancy/operating partners arm of Gunner Cooke Operating Partners.

The vast amount of businesses Andy has appraised and worked with in his corporate finance and private equity career, coupled with his own “at the coalface” learning experiences of starting, building and developing his own businesses, gives an invaluable insight into how businesses and Boards should function.

Andy is incredibly energetic, hungry, and has a strong desire to succeed in any business he supports.

Patrick Voss

Patrick Voss


Patrick started his career in marketing and strategy roles for global corporations, including PwC and Microsoft. He completed an MSc in Organizational Change and then co-founded a consultancy in 2011 that focused on culture and inclusion within companies of all sizes. Since then, his work has expanded to include planning out approaches to evaluate our impact on the environment, as well as the communities organisations engage with.

With expertise coming from a wide range of seasoned associates, his focus includes working with leadership teams to, understand what ESG, purpose, culture and inclusion mean to them, work through what would feel authentic and then design and deliver programs to capture and analyse data, understand and identify successes, and track/report progress over time.

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