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Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors

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Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors

Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors provides clarity and support to directors regarding their role and responsibilities, particularly strategic thinking, decision making, planning, and execution. Crucially, the module will give directors a better understanding of strategic process and a renewed confidence around the formation, development and implementation of company-wide strategies. 

This two-day module will provide delegates with the ability to lead more strategically, highlighting the role of the director and the board in the formation, mapping and execution of organisational strategy. Through reference to leading research, current examples of best practice and case studies, this course will explore how to create, develop and deliver strategies that achieve company objectives and deliver real value for the broader organisation.  

This is one of five modules, which together make up the full Directors Development Programme. The module can be taken on its own or as part of the full programme.  

By attending this course, you will gain invaluable insights from industry experts into new ways of working, innovative concepts and the latest theories that can be applied instantly on returning to your own organisation. The programme will give you the essential knowledge, skills and confidence to improve your performance as a director and, in turn, the performance of the board.

Course Summary


Post Graduate Certificate in Strategy and Leadership


2 Day


Virtual Central Manchester Central London

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About the Programme

Whether you are an experienced long serving, newly appointed or an aspiring Director, this course will give you a fresh and unique insight into challenging but critical processes of effective strategic development and management. 

This course is for you if you want to: 

  • Develop critical thinking skills 
  • Develop and implement an effective organisational strategy 
  • Understand key elements of effective design, planning, research and stakeholder engagement 
  • Learn how to assess the strategic landscape, analysing the key strategic considerations 
  • Increase confidence to challenge and influence board level decisions and company direction 
  • Develop strategies for shaping and influencing change and transformation 

On completion of this programme, you will: 

  • Clearly understand the board and director’s role in strategy development 
  • Understand strategic business planning concepts and how an effective board and senior leadership team creates, implements and manages organisational strategy 
  • Be able to design and manage a process for successful strategic organisational change 
  • Be well equipped to assess the strategic landscape, analysing the key strategic considerations both inside and outside the organisation 
  • Understand the range of tools and techniques in the delivery of a strategic plan 
  • Develop skills in strategic business planning and an increased awareness for what should be expected from senior leaders and managers in the business 
  • Develop the ability to lead more strategically, and to evaluate personal impact on the organisation and in the accomplishment of business benefits 


Session 1

The Board, Directors and Strategy

  • The Role of the Director and Board in Strategy Development 
  • Understanding the Relationship Between the Board and Strategy 
  • Unlocking the Potential of the Board and Directors to Develop Effective Strategy 
  • Establishing, Communicating, Implementing and Monitoring Strategy 
  • Analysing the Wider Context and Institutional Constraints

Session 2

Introducing Strategy: The Key Principles

  • Purpose, Vision, Objectives and Values Underpinning Strategy Development

Session 3

Analysing Context and Environment

  • Interpreting and Understanding the Internal Environment 
  • Reviewing Core Competencies 
  • Scanning and Understanding the External Environment Stakeholders and Competitor Analysis 
  • Tools and Techniques 

Session 4

Identifying Strategic Options

  • Generating Options Through Creativity, Innovative Thinking and Collaboration: Tools and Techniques 
  • Examine Opportunities and Threats 
  • Problem Solving Approaches 
  • Clear Vision, Objectives and Values 

Session 5

Evaluation and Selecting Strategic Options

  • Assessing and Measuring Risk and Impact 
  • Financial Assessment and Impact 
  • Option Appraisal: Aligning with Vision, Objectives and Values 
  • Decision Matrix Analysis 
  • the Ladder of Inference 

Session 6

Implementing and Monitoring Strategy

  • The Fundamentals of Strategic Management 
  • Creating Buy-In: Clear Long-Term Vision and Direction 
  • Monitoring and Measuring Success: Identifying Critical Success Factors and Balanced Scorecard 
  • Tools and Techniques: Vmost, Balanced Scorecard 
  • Directors Responsibilities for Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting 
  • Managing Deviation and Change 

You can attend the Directors Development Programme ‘Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors’ module on an accredited and non-accredited basis. Learners opting for the accredited route will complete this module as part of the full Directors Development Programme. On completion of all five modules, you can work towards achieving the PGCert in Strategic Leadership for Directors (60 credits). 

The remaining modules are as follows: 

  • Director Development Programme – Role of the Director and the Board 
  • Director Development Programme - Finance for Non-Finance Directors 
  • Director Development Programme - Advanced Leadership for Directors’ 
  • Director Development Programme - Strategic Marketing for Non-Marketing Directors 

The Postgraduate Certificate 

This PG Certificate in Strategic Leadership for Directors is accredited by the University of Chester and is a postgraduate qualification which sits between a degree and a masters. This is also an excellent route into a full masters, contributing 60 credits towards the 120 necessary for a masters. Students can pursue the full MBA with the University of Chester, following the PG Cert, if they wish to.  

Support and guidance 

Students are provided with: 

  • Guidance from an experienced academic assessor 
  • Literature available through the University of Chester e-library 
  • A partner-specific Moodle page which is populated with course information, video content and useful resources 
  • Regular group workshops pertaining to various study skills  

The assignments 

Students will complete three assignments. Each is assessed through a work-based critically reflective essay or report. The work-based learning and assessments can all be applied to the business situation/workplace, and they give both the student and the wider organisation a chance to learn and adapt business practice.

Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson


A versatile business leader having held 5 divisional MD roles and been Chief Sustainability Officer within a FTSE 250 plc, followed by 6 years as Chief Executive within a private, family-owned business. Now operating as a consultant and business advisor assisting organisations improve their performance.

Tom has been responsible for delivering projects and services to customers in both private and public sectors including communications, defence, retail, health and logistics. Businesses Tom has led include construction, facilities management, property development, architecture, vehicle and plant asset management, recruitment and training.

He has a track record of driving transformation and improvement and is driven by an enthusiasm for customer service and responsible business.

Tom is a member of the Advisory Board to the Lincoln International Business School.

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  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Develop and implement an effective organisational strategy
  • Understand key elements of effective design, planning, research and stakeholder engagement
  • Learn how to assess the strategic landscape, analysing the key strategic considerations
  • Increase confidence to challenge and influence board level decisions and company direction
  • Develop strategies for shaping and influencing change and transformation


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