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Staff Retention and Inclusive Recruitment Programme - CMI Level 7

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Staff Retention and Inclusive Recruitment Programme - CMI Level 7

For many organisations, recruitment and staff retention is their number one strategic challenge. Effective recruitment and retention strategies leads to:

  • Improved performance
  • Improved resilience
  • Improved diversity
  • More aligned culture
  • Increased value

Recent developments in technology and changes in expectations of candidates are placing significant pressures on employers to reconsider their relationship with the workforce. Evidence suggests that around three quarters of professionals in the UK are planning to change jobs in the next year, and many clients are reporting difficulties in maintaining services and production in light of staffing shortages.

The Staff Retention and Inclusive Recruitment Programme - CMI Level 7 gives participants the opportunity to reflect on and improve the way their organisation manages recruitment and positively engages with the workforce. During the programme we address the strategic importance of recruitment; we consider a range of “best practice” areas including how to conduct effective interviews, and how to ensure our organisations are addressing issues of equality, diversity and inclusion within their recruitment strategy.

Through a range of theory, interactive discussion and practical application, participants will be able to confidently apply an improvement plan in an organisational context to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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CMI Level 7 Award in Strategic Management and Leadership - Optional


3 Day

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About the Programme

This course is designed for managers, or for aspiring senior leaders who are actively involved in recruitment and/or retention or workforce development and engagement. Participants require some experience as hiring managers, and/or managing other hiring managers.


This course is for you if…

  • You are a leader within an organisation with a high attrition rate or struggling to consistently attract “good” people
  • Have a responsibility or focus on improving the inclusivity and diversity within the organisation
  • You perceive a lack of consistency in your interview practice or processes across the organisation
  • You feel that recruitment and retention issues are undermining the organisation’s ability to grow and/or develop


*Please note that some of the materials and objectives may be subject to change depending on discussions, activities and needs of the cohort upon reflection of delegate responses to the pre-programme questionnaires.*

On completion of this programme, you will:

  • Reflect on how effective your organisation is at setting the conditions for success around recruitment and retention
  • Know how to develop and communicate the organisational “why”
  • Review your own recruitment processes and identify areas for improvement
  • Practice effective interviewing techniques in a safe environment
  • Develop a plan for general improvement of your organisational recruitment and retention strategy
  • Be able to identify and implement more inclusive approaches to recruitment strategies


Session 1

Attracting the Right Talent

Key themes include:

  • Reviewing the recruitment and retention strategy
  • Generating effective vision
  • Aligning organisational values
  • Building an inclusive approach
  • Personality difference and focusing on diversity
  • Candidate selection tools and evaluating applicants

Session 2

Great Interview Process

Key themes include:

  • Generating candidates
  • Key documents; job spec and interview form
  • Considering issues of compliance in recruitment
  • Great and inclusive interviews in practice
  • Tackling unconscious bias in talent selection

Session 3

Recruitment and Retention Strategy

Key themes include:

  • Excellence and inclusivity in the recruitment process
  • The end-to-end candidate experience
  • Identifying staff retention and engagement techniques
  • Providing pathways and supporting retention
  • Retention through career advancement and opportunities for growth
  • Investing in your team
  • Building your recruitment and retention improvement plan

The CMI Level 7 Award in Strategic Leadership and Management


The CMI Level 7 Award in Strategic Management and Leadership is designed for Directors and Senior Managers who have the authority and personal inspiration to translate organisational strategy into effective performance.

This qualification requires senior and aspiring senior leaders to build on their skills in strategic management and leadership and to focus on the requirements of inter-organisational strategy. You will be required to take the theory, thought leadership and research discussed on the programme, and implement it in your professional life by focusing on your own leadership development, and positively challenging organisational strategy.

Delegates will be required to complete one 3000 - 4000 word written assignment that requires taught theory to be applied to the strategic organisational context:

  • Unit 705: Leading Strategic Change


As part of your course fee, you are given free and unlimited access to post-classroom tutorials. These are organised monthly and run by CMI qualified tutors to help guide learners through the assignment writing phase.

James Willerton

James Willerton


With more than 10 years of business consulting and professional service experience, James has developed a well-rounded and practical perspective on strategic development and human capital development at all levels and cross-industries both nationally and internationally.  With a focus on innovation in strategy development, James is a certified 'exceptional trainer’.  He has a diverse background in business management, innovation, strategy development, organisational development, recruitment and operations. 

During his role in recruitment, James applied advanced psychometric techniques and personally assessed over 1,000 candidates for client’s businesses, as well as his own. Combined with coaching, this has given him an advanced experience of dealing with the human psyche and obtaining optimal results for human capital and organisational development. 

James has a very approachable manner, with valuable real-world experience as an employer and a senior consultant to a wide-range of industries and organisations.

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Is this course right for you?

  • Learn how to reflect on the effectiveness of your organisation
  • This programme will allow you to set conditions for success around recruitment and retention
  • Learn how to develop effective interviewing techniques in a safe environment
  • Supporting you to develop a plan for general improvement of your organisation's recruitment and retention strategy


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