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The Role of the Strategic Executive Assistant - CMI Level 5

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The Role of the Strategic Executive Assistant - CMI Level 5

The main role of an Executive Assistant (EA) and Personal Assistant (PA) is broad and challenging. They play a key role in the organisation providing strategic level guidance to senior executives, organisational leaders, and directors.  

The role has evolved and is now ever more critical to ensuring effective leadership and helping to drive and deliver business improvements. So, ensuring they have the required knowledge base and skillset has become increasingly important.  

The aim of this course is to equip you with the tools and knowledge to perform this responsible role effectively and efficiently. You will learn how to engage with the wider corporate aims of the organisation, ensuring you deliver against organisational goals.

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CMI Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership - Optional


2 Day

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About the Programme

This course is for Executive and Personal Assistants who work for senior managers, leaders, executives, and directors.  

The role and responsibilities of the EA & PA continue to grow and so it is crucial to keep up to date with changes and new developments and understand their implications across a wide range of business activities. This is in addition to running a smoothly operating organisation that looks after its directors, staff, shareholders, and investors.

*Please note that some of the materials and objectives may be subject to change depending on discussions, activities and needs of the cohort upon reflection of delegate responses to the pre-programme questionnaires.*

On successful completion of the course, participants will have learned how to:  

  • Synchronise their role with that of the executive and provide effective support  
  • Set priorities, managing their role and career to meet executives’ needs  
  • Gain a greater understanding of the executive mind set and corporate objectives  
  • Handle stakeholders and their importance to the PA role  
  • Develop relationships throughout the organisation  
  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence at work  
  • Understand verbal and non-verbal communication and negotiating skills  
  • Adopt different questioning styles  
  • Obtain an enhanced ability to influence others  
  • Delegate, multi-task effectively and take the initiative  
  • Address management theory and styles of management  
  • Understand the role of social media in the modern executive arena  
  • Address process and project management  
  • Work with key functions such as finance and human resources

Session 1

Characteristics and Qualities of a successful E.A 

Key themes include: 

  • Flexibility & Adaptability - Handle shifting priorities with ease. 
  • Soft Skills – How & why your behaviour impacts others  
  • Tact and handling situations in a calm, professional manner 
  • Conflict and negotiation  
  • Discretion and confidentiality 
  • Multitasking and Organisational Skills  
  • Communication Skills & Relationship-building 
  • Resilience & Emotional intelligence 
  • DISC personality assessment  
  • Managing up & down  
  • Adopting a proactive mindset

Session 2

The Role of the Executive EA: Technical Skills 

Key themes include: 

  • Data Management, Filing and Organisation: 5S, Retention, backup compliance e.g GDPR use of Metadata 
  • Knowledge Of Email Systems – Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, IBM Notes  
  • Report Writing – Status reports. 
  • Writing Minutes – Utilising technology  
  • Researching, Preparing Presentations plus Time & Project Management   
  • Process & continuous improvement  
  • Measuring performance – Balance scorecard 
  • Continuous approach to learning 
  • The World of Leading in a Digital Age
  • Approaches to innovation and considering new technologies
  • 18 mindsets and practices of excellent CEO’s

Session 3

Working with the Executive 

Key themes include: 

  • Understanding How a Company Operates, From the Board Down 
  • What Is Good Governance? 
  • The Roles and Responsibilities of a Director 
  • The Roles and Responsibilities of An Executive PA 
  • What Is a Board? 
  • Understanding leadership vs management 
  • Building trust with your Exec  
  • Developing influencing skills 
  • Professionalism and Motivation 
  • Leadership Competencies  
  • Effective 1-2-1’s  

Session 4

Understanding Strategy 

Key themes include: 

  • Strategy From a Theoretical Viewpoint 
  • Working With Your Executive on The Strategy 
  • Financial Awareness - Financial accounting vs management accounting, financial statements – balance sheets and income statements 
  • Breaking down and analysing organisational financial statements 
  • Understanding the key varieties of “leadership” and how you can apply and utilise them in your role  
  • Helping to deliver corporate strategy 
  • Managing change through a collaborative approach – Change management cycle 
  • Corporate social responsibility & risk management

CMI Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership  

Following completion of the Role of the Strategic Executive Assistant course, learners can opt to continue their studies by completing a CMI Level 5 Award in Management and LeadershipThis qualification is designed for practising middle managers and leaders at operations, division, departmental or specialist level, who are typically accountable to a senior manager or business owner. 

Learners are required to complete one 2,500-3,000 word written assignment.  Units to be completed include: 

  • 509: Managing Stakeholder Relationships 

Benefits of completing the qualification include: 

For learners: 

  • Development of skills required to lead and manage individual teams. 
  • Provides a broader knowledge of skills to help individuals be more effective in specific management areas. 
  • Development of skills required to overcome and manage the challenges of stakeholder relationships. 
  • Accredited management and leadership qualification and certificate on completion. 

For organisations: 

  • Deliver aims and objectives in line with wider organisational strategy. 
  • Gives a fully comprehensive bank of the skills and knowledge required to be a manager as part of an organisation 
  • Allows individuals to focus on the areas that are most appropriate for their role and organisation. 
  • Build long-lasting and sustainable stakeholder relationships.  

Learners also receive: 

  • Targeted tutorials run by our CMI-qualified tutors, to help learners complete the assignment writing phase. 
  • Dedicated support from the Quality Assurance Team here at In Professional Development, including regular CMI learner drop-in sessions.  
  • Access to a wealth of CMI online learning resources through their Management Direct website. 

Please take a look at our CMI FAQs to find out more about how the qualification works.  

Nicole Ptolomey

Nicole Ptolomey


After supporting executives for over ten years, Nicole created Tailored E.A in 2018 to provide freelance C-Suite support incorporated with project management, process improvement and strategic planning to offer a unique modern take on the traditional Executive Assistant.  At Tailored EA they are passionate about raising individuals up through coaching, training and development. Their vision is for everyone to reach their potential with authenticity and achieve a fulfilling career. 
Her background was predominantly in finance which developed from a personal banking management position in retail and later as an office coordinator at an international banks premier tier flagship store. Her life as an assistant began when she became the PA to the Head of Commercial Banking for the West of Scotland and then as PA to the Dep. Head of Corporate Banking for Scotland. From there she moved on as a PA to a board of directors of a Fast Track 200 private business and supported a successful MBO. Her last in-house role was as an executive assistant to a CEO with whom she gained experience of supporting private equity owned businesses'. Since becoming self-employed she has secured contracts within the technology sector with internationally leading I.T & business services firms,  collaborated with local government, gained experience within PMO, enterprise architecture, financial services transformation programmes, training and education activities and investment banking improvement and remediation projects. 
She is also an experienced user of G Suite, Lotus Notes, electronic board pack software, Minitab, Power BI and Agile methodology.  She is also adept at evaluating the current situation and offering innovative solutions and business improvements to drive results with creative problem-solving skills. She is Lean Six Sigma and Prince 2 trained and enthusiastic about delivering and supporting projects, and is also a CPD accredited ACEA certified Executive Assistant. ACEA is an international qualification and is endorsed by the Institute of Administrative Management, which is the oldest professional body for administration business management in the U.K. 

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  • Learn how to synchronise your role with that of the executive and provide effective support 
  • Learn how to gain a greater understanding of the executive mind set and corporate objectives
  • Learn how to develop relationships throughout the organisation 
  • Gain an enhanced ability to influence others  
  • Learn how to delegate, multi-task effectively and take the initiative  


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