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Director Development Programme - Advanced Leadership for Directors

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Director Development Programme - Advanced Leadership for Directors

The Advanced Leadership for Directors course is built around current practice in Leadership and management. Delegates will be provided with the opportunity to develop and expand their understanding of contemporary leadership practices, reflecting on how these can be developed in an emerging digital and global economy.  

Participants can expect to engage in a range of group and individual workshop activities where role play, scenario setting, thought leadership activity and didactic learning will take place. 

The taught elements of the course will include an overview of the following areas, to provide scope in the application of the tools and thinking together with core competencies and theoretical perspectives: 

  • Self-awareness in leadership 
  • Developing an inquisitive mind-set 
  • Managing performance and measuring progress 
  • Influencing a positive culture in the workplace 
  • Managing diverse inter-dependent teams 
  • Developing resilience in the workforce 
  • Thought leadership 
  • Team coaching 

This module is one of five modules, which together make up the full Directors Development Programme. The module can be taken on its own or as part of the full programme. By attending this course, you will gain invaluable insights from industry experts into new ways of working, innovative concepts and the latest theories that can be applied instantly on returning to your own organisation.

*Limited discounted places available for public and third sector organisations. Please enquire for more information.*


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Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership for Directors - Optional


2 Day


Virtual Central Manchester Central London

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About Us

About the Programme

This programme has been designed for managers, directors and senior stakeholders with a minimum of three years’ senior management experience. 


This course is for you if you want to: 

  • Increase confidence in applying strategic leadership and management skills and competencies 
  • Learn to build, develop and inspire resilience in the workforce 
  • Increase confidence to challenge and influence board level decisions and company direction 
  • Learn strategies for shaping and influencing change and transformation 


*Please note that some of the materials and objectives may be subject to change depending on discussions, activities and needs of the cohort upon reflection of delegate responses to the pre-programme questionnaires.*

On completion of this module, learners will:

  • Gain an awareness of 21st Century leadership practice and its relevance to the role of the director and the board
  • Understand the importance of developing an inquisitive mindset and leading organisational change and knowledge development
  • Understand how to inspire, influence and build high performing teams and measure their progress
  • Have an ability to Influence a positive culture in the workplace through effective, responsible, and sustainable board leadership
  • Have developed the required skills and increased awareness for what is expected to successfully manage teams that operate in the emerging digital and global economy
  • Develop an ability to build, develop and inspire resilience into the workforce
  • Possess the skills to apply a range of tools to engineer business improvements to benefit their organisation
  • Have the ability to practically embed leadership and management development in the workplace in the context of business improvement
  • Develop the skills to act as a silent leader – guiding and influencing others to act so that a team building approach is adopted

Session 1

Understanding and Defining Leadership 

Key themes include: 

  • What is Leadership? 
  • Self-awareness and empathy 
  • Avoiding bias in decision-making
  • Creating “Flow” 
  • Leadership vs Management 
  • Leadership Styles 
  • Leadership Levels

Session 2

Strategic Leadership

Key themes include:

  • Leaders defining purpose
  • Thinking and acting strategically
  • The role of the Board and Directors
  • The strategic leader
  • Leading in the 21st Century
  • Where leaders spend their time

Session 3

Leading Organisational Change

Key themes include: 

  • Making time to lead
  • The power of culture
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Drivers for change
  • Being the disruptors not the disrupted
  • Leading change

Session 4

Leading and Motivating Teams

Key themes include: 

  • What motivates Teams 
  •  Engaging Communication
  • Right people doing the right things
  • Developing and empowering others
  • Leadership Mindset
  • Behaviours in the workplace
  • Giving feedback
  • Team motivational theory

Session 5

Leading High Performing Teams

Key themes include: 

  • A team game – Viking Attack
  • Leading through adversity
  • Wellbeing
  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
  • Requirements for success
  • High Performing Teams Model
  • Strengths based leadership
  • The GROW model

Session 6

Impact of Culture on Projects and Improvement

Key themes include: 

  • Culture and Project Management
  • Project Management tools
  • Continuous Improvement Cultures
  • Lean
  • Six Sigma
  • The voices . . . 
  • A leader’s outlook on improvement

Session 7

Personal Action Planning  


Key themes include: 

  • Review and reflect on learning
  • Develop an Action Plan to improve Leadership in my workplace

The Postgraduate Certificate

Following completion of the Directors Development Programme ‘Advanced Leadership for Directors’ Module, learners can opt to continue their studies with a Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership for Directors, validated by the University of Chester.  This is a level 7 postgraduate qualification which sits between a degree and a masters.   

Those opting to take the qualification will complete this Module as part of the full Directors Development Programme. On completion of all five Modules, learners can work towards achieving the PG Cert in Strategic Leadership for Directors (60 credits). 

The remaining modules are as follows: 

  • Director Development Programme – Role of the Director and the Board 
  • Director Development Programme - Finance for Non-Finance Directors 
  • Director Development Programme - Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors 
  • Director Development Programme - Strategic Marketing for Non-Marketing Directors 

This is also an excellent route into a full masters, contributing 60 credits towards the 180 necessary for a masters. Students can pursue the full MBA with the University of Chester, following the PG Cert, should they so wish.  

Support and Guidance 

Students are provided with: 

  • Guidance from an experienced academic assessor 
  • Literature available through the University of Chester e-library 
  • A partner specific Moodle page which is populated with course information, video content and useful resources 
  • Regular group workshops pertaining to various study skills  

The Assignments 

Students will complete 3 assignments. Each is assessed through a work-based critically reflective essay or report. As it is work-based learning and the assessments can all be applied to the business situation/workplace, this then gives both the student and the wider organisation a chance to learn and adapt business practice. 

James Fowler

James Fowler


Dr James Fowler is a lecturer in strategy and the Deputy MBA Director at Essex University’s Business School. He was formerly a regular Officer in the Armed Forces where his appointments included running the language wing of the Defence College of Intelligence and Security and advising the Royal Engineers’ training and development team. In his academic career James has published a series of books and journal articles in the field of business and management history. Alongside his academic work he is also frequently in contact with business via consultancy and executive education. In those capacities he has advised and worked with Brusov University, the TALE - Haven Gateway Partnership, Transport for London and the c2c rail franchise.  

James Willerton

James Willerton


With more than 10 years of business consulting and professional service experience, James has developed a well-rounded and practical perspective on strategic development and human capital development at all levels and cross-industries both nationally and internationally.  With a focus on innovation in strategy development, James is a certified 'exceptional trainer’.  He has a diverse background in business management, innovation, strategy development, organisational development, recruitment and operations. 

During his role in recruitment, James applied advanced psychometric techniques and personally assessed over 1,000 candidates for client’s businesses, as well as his own. Combined with coaching, this has given him an advanced experience of dealing with the human psyche and obtaining optimal results for human capital and organisational development. 

James has a very approachable manner, with valuable real-world experience as an employer and a senior consultant to a wide-range of industries and organisations.

Pierson Stratford

Pierson Stratford


Pierson has 15 years’ experience as a consultant and facilitator, specialising in leadership, management and coaching. Experienced in the design and delivery of people development, Pierson uses coaching psychology to engage with leaders at all levels, supporting them to; be, have and do more. 

Highly experienced in talent development, from managing large graduate programmes to developing directors and senior leaders for global brands at an international level, Pierson adds value by making learning stick, while turning new knowledge into practical skills.

David Clouston

David Clouston


David’s experience stems from 33 years in the British Army where he reached a senior level. He led and managed soldiers throughout his career and was particularly involved in the interface between operational and strategic decision making. He has also been responsible for a number of change programmes and has been a Deputy Chief of Staff to a number of large organisations over that time. 

He has held several Board positions and is currently a Non Executive Director for Believe Housing as well as a trustee for his regimental charity. He has enjoyed the overlap between the public and private sectors and is a keen advocate on through life professional development. He is a member of the Institute of Directors and currently holds their Certificate and Diploma in Company Direction.  

He has coached several individuals over the years and is a qualified executive coach with a Post Graduate Certificate from the Henley Business School. In addition he is a keen advocate for mentoring and has mentored for 2 years on the National 30% club which aims to get greater representation on boards by women. 

He became a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and gained Chartered Manager status in 2020 and amongst other formal qualifications also holds a MBA and MSc in National Security Strategy.  

He is passionate about helping others and would cite Integrity and Respect for others as core values. 

Alex Firmin

Alex Firmin


Alex is an experienced and dedicated education consultant and trainer. His core skillset is the design and delivery of engaging personal and professional development programmes. He is adaptable and comfortable working at any level in the organisation, from front line leaders to the Board.

Prior to working in consultancy Alex was an army officer (making it to Major). A natural diplomat, Alex studied Pashto (the language of Southern Afghanistan) and held a leadership role in supporting reconstruction and development, primarily in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  Alex supported the development and delivery of the army’s global Security, Leadership and Strategy programme, and later worked to establish the curriculum for Afghanistan’s Officer Training Academy, in Kabul.

Alex has built a consultancy business and delivered a diverse portfolio of organisational development projects. He works across all sectors and his clients include the NHS, NATO, Barnardo’s, Home Bargains, a variety of Academy Trusts and schools, and many smaller businesses and charities. Alex has worked closely with the Chartered Management Institute, and routinely lectures on MBA and Director Development programmes for the Universities of York, Chester, and East London. Alex maintains a high level of currency and is currently developing programmes focussing on Distributed Leadership, and Managing Neurodivergent Colleagues.

Alex holds three Master’s degrees: Educational Innovation, Psychology, and Occupational Psychology. He is married to Katherine and has two children and two Labradors.

Jed Hassid

Jed Hassid


Jed is a business growth expert, experienced in working with board level decision makers to define and implement key business strategies and so drive shareholder value. His main areas of expertise include strategic and business planning, strategic marketing and business performance improvement. 

After completing his MBA, he worked as strategic marketing manager within a national professional services firm. He then worked as a strategic marketing consultant for a B2B market research business that involved working across the UK, Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific for a range of multi-national and UK based corporations. For the last 14 years, he has been working with high growth SMEs as they strive to achieve their true potential. 

In support of his consulting and coaching work, Jed regularly designs and delivers practical workshops aimed at helping business leaders and managers learn and implement new skills and techniques as well as challenge existing ways of doing business.  

He holds a BA (Econ) Hons in Economics and Econometrics and MBA from the University of Manchester and a Diploma in Company Director from the Institute of Directors. He is also an Emergenetics ® certified associate. 


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Is this course right for you?

  • Increase confidence in applying strategic leadership and management skills and competencies
  • Learn to build, develop and inspire resilience in the workforce
  • Increase confidence to challenge and influence board level decisions and company direction
  • Learn strategies for shaping and influencing change and transformation


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