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Director Development Programme - Finance for Non-Finance Directors

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Director Development Programme - Finance for Non-Finance Directors

Equipping directors with the knowledge and skills to understand and assess key financial concepts, terminology and reports, the Finance for Non-Finance Directors course will provide delegates with the ability to confidently evaluate the financial position of their organisation. 

Helping non-finance directors to use and understand the financial numbers in their business, this course will provide candidates with the essential skills and knowledge to interpret key financial statements, models and ratios. Directors will be well placed to ask the right questions, make informed decisions and prioritise where to focus their energy and company resources.  

This module will give non-finance directors the confidence to better scrutinise financial reports and challenge finance professionals in a positive and constructive way. Delegates will take away a vital understanding of financial strategy and improve financial planning. 

This is one of five modules, which together make up the full Directors Development Programme. The module can be taken on its own or as part of the full programme. By attending this course, you will gain invaluable insights from industry experts into new ways of working, innovative concepts and the latest theories that can be applied instantly on returning to your own organisation.  

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University of Chester PGCert


2 Day


Virtual Central London Central Manchester

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About the Programme

This module is for directors, business leaders and senior professionals who are required to use, interpret or produce financial information but have had little or no formal training within the field of finance. We recommend participants have a minimum three-five years of senior management experience. 


This course is for you if you want to: 

  • Understand more about financial strategy 
  • Challenge financial proposals, business plans, projections and reports 
  • Analyse, interpret and evaluate key financial data, models and reports 
  • Review and assess the financial health and position of the organisation 
  • Better understand the financial challenges within the business environment and apply best practice 

On completion of this programme, participants will: 

  • Understand how a robust financial strategy can help drive value within the organisation and underpin the company’s overall business plans 
  • Confidently interrogate key financial data and challenge financial proposals, business plans, projections and reports 
  • Review and assess the financial health and position of the organisation 
  • Make balanced, informed board-level decisions based on an understanding of financial data 
  • Recognise and comply with statutory, and other, requirements relating to company director roles and responsibilities 
  • Identify, evaluate and manage financial risk 
  • Communicate more confidently and effectively with directors and senior leaders on financial issues 
  • Confidently challenge and influence board-level decisions and company direction based on a sound grasp of financial concepts 
  • Evaluate the practical implications of investment decisions 


Session 1

Financial Responsibilities of Directors and the Board  

Key themes include:

  • Understanding Director Responsibilities and Accountabilities
  • Introduction to the Companies Act
  • Governance and Finance
  • Financial Strategy
  • Working With Finance Departments and Your Finance Director

Session 2

Understanding Finance and the Various Financial Statements  

Key themes include:

  • Introduction to the Key Financial Terminology, Accounting Concepts and Standards
  • Financial and Management Accounting
  • Costing Systems
  • Break Even Analysis
  • the Profit and Loss Statement
  • the Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement

Session 3

Assessing Financial Risk and Ratios

Key themes include:  

  • Assessing Financial Health
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Cash Flow Ratios

Session 4

Getting the Best from Your Finance Team

Key themes include:  

  • Financial Planning and Reporting
  • Gaining Strategic Value from the Finance Department
  • Finance Decision Support
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Financial Controls and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Session 5

Case Study: Analysis of Financial Board Reports  

Key themes include:

  • Interactive Group Session

Session 6

Identifying Appropriate Sources of Finance  

Key themes include:

  • Understanding Your Stakeholders and Their Interests
  • Distilling and Reporting Financial Position
  • Summarising Performance
  • Communicating Effectively

Session 7

Presenting the Case to External Financial Stakeholders  

Key themes include:

  • Understanding the Requirement for Finance
  • the Cost of Capital, Its Relevance to Decisions
  • What Are the Options?
  • Private Equity Providers
  • Bank Finance
  • Shareholder Finance
  • Raising Capital From Stock Markets

Session 8

When It Can Go Wrong  

Key themes include:

  • Corporate Failures

You can attend the Directors Development Programme ‘Finance for Non-Finance Directors’ module on an accredited and non-accredited basis. Learners opting for the accredited route will complete this module as part of the full programme. On completion of all five modules, participants can work towards achieving the PGCert in Strategic Leadership for Directors (60 credits). 

The remaining modules are as follows: 

  • Director Development Programme – Advanced Leadership for Directors 
  • Director Development Programme – Finance for Non-Finance Directors 
  • Director Development Programme – Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors 
  • Director Development Programme – Strategic Marketing for Non-Marketing Directors  

The Postgraduate Certificate 

This PG Certificate in Strategic Leadership for Directors is accredited by the University of Chester and is a postgraduate qualification which sits between a degree and a masters. This is also an excellent route into a full masters, contributing 60 credits towards the 180 necessary for a masters. Students can pursue the full MBA with the University of Chester, following the PG Cert, should they so wish.  

Support and guidance 

Students are provided with: 

  • Guidance from an experienced academic assessor 
  • Literature available through the University of Chester e-library 
  • A partner-specific Moodle page which is populated with course information, video content and useful resources 
  • Regular group workshops related to various study skills  

The assignments 

Students will complete three assignments. Each is assessed through a work-based critically reflective essay or report. As it is work-based learning and the assessments can all be applied to the business situation/workplace, this then gives both the student and the wider organisation a chance to learn and adapt business practice. 

Andy Bate

Andy Bate


Andy is a qualified chartered accountant with in excess of 15 years’ experience working in corporate finance and private equity organisations, where he did multiple Merger and Acquisitions and fund raising transactions and has sat on 15+ Boards.

He made the cross-over in wanting to build his own businesses and in the last 10 years, is a founding partner of a fast-growing and successful e-commerce company, and in 2019, co-founded and launched an education software business around capturing and evidencing health and well being in children. Andy is also a founding partner of the consultancy/operating partners arm of Gunner Cooke Operating Partners.

The vast amount of businesses Andy has appraised and worked with in his corporate finance and private equity career, coupled with his own “at the coalface” learning experiences of starting, building and developing his own businesses, gives an invaluable insight into how businesses and Boards should function.

Andy is incredibly energetic, hungry with a strong desire to succeed in any business he supports.

Stewart McCombe

Stewart McCombe


Stewart has a career background in corporate banking, and is a highly experienced commercial individual, who commenced a transition into the not for profit sector at the end of 2009. He now has a portfolio of Chair, Board and consultancy roles across not for profits and SMEs.

Throughout his career, Stewart has developed a proven track record in the North West corporate market. In roles covering both relationship management and business development, his key skills of brokering and relationship building ensured the management of multiple stakeholders, at all times undertaken with outstanding levels of integrity. Core to his roles at Bank of Scotland were the management of key entrepreneur relationships for the bank.

In recent years, he has rapidly developed a profile in the not for profit sector, maintaining key board roles across a range of areas, including leisure and social care

Stewart has a range of financial, operational and strategic experience in the private, public and not for profit sectors, including charities, local authorities, banking and venture capital. This has captured a range of areas, including direct roles in leisure, adult care, the arts, environment and recruitment, coupled with a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, service, retail, building products and housebuilding during his corporate banking career. Stewart is at ease in any environment, from start-up to PLC boardroom.

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  • Understand more about financial strategy
  • Challenge financial proposals, business plans, projections and reports
  • Analyse, interpret and evaluate key financial data, models and reports
  • Review and assess the financial health and position of the organisation
  • Better understand the financial challenges within the business environment and apply best practice


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