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Digital Transformation Leadership Programme

Digital Transformation Leadership Programme

Our intense Digital Transformation Leadership Programme is designed to help leaders adapt to the challenges of a fast-paced digital environment. It will equip leaders with the skills and knowledge needed shape influence, develop and implement a digital strategy within your organisation.  

For organisations to successfully undergo digital transformation, it is important that the leadership team have the skills and confidence to make the right decisions. Digital transformation and staying relevant in a digital world are the most significant challenges facing organisations today.  

Participants will explore and discuss how emerging technology is a catalyst for digital transformation, discussing key themes such Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how businesses can adapt to mitigate risks and maximise opportunities.  

The Digital Transformation Leadership Programme will provide the tools, concepts and perspectives required to help you develop strategic responses to new digital opportunities and align your organisation to deliver strategies effectively.  

Through attendance on this course, you will become a digitally informed and empowered leader and know how to prepare and help your organisation respond more effectively to technologically driven change. Participants will leave with insights and action plan to implement a digital change within their organisation. 

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3 Day

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About Us

About the Programme

This programme has been designed for leaders who can shape, influence, develop and implement digital strategies within an organisation.  

This course if for you if you want to:  

  • Develop a digital action plan to implement into your organisation
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of digital transformation and its impact on business strategies and operations
  • Develop the skills to lead and manage change effectively in the context of digital transformation
  • Identify emerging technologies and trends relevant to the organisation's industry and explore their potential for driving innovation and growth

On completion of this programme, delegates will: 

  • Understand digital disruption and its impact, opportunities and threats, plus emerging themes and current trends. 
  • Foster a digital culture within the organisation that promotes agility, innovation, and continuous learning. 
  • Apply design thinking principles to enhance customer experience and create customer-centric digital solutions. 
  • Understand the importance of digital governance and risk management in ensuring the responsible and secure implementation of digital initiatives. 
  • Enhance leadership capabilities specific to the digital era, such as digital fluency, data-driven decision-making, and managing virtual teams. 
  • Recognise ethical considerations and implications associated with digital transformation and emerging technologies. 
  • Develop a strategic mindset for aligning digital transformation initiatives with organisational goals and driving competitive advantage. 


Session 1

Digital Transformation – Understanding the Digital Environment 

Key themes include: 

  • Digital Transformation: What is it? Why Does it Matter? What does Success look like? 
  • Understanding and building a Digital Transformation Roadmap 
  • Disruption or Transformation 
  • Game Changing New and Emerging Technologies (including Big Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud, Blockchain) 
  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence (including ChatGPT, BARD) – a new Catalyst for change  
  • Change Cycle in the Workplace 

Session 2

Digital Leadership – Being a Digital Leader 

Key themes include: 

  • Understanding Your Own Business Readiness 
  • Create a Digitally Ready Culture - Fostering a culture of innovation, agility, and digital fluency within the organisation. 
  • Barriers to Digital Change 
  • Influencing stakeholders and Stakeholder engagement 
  • Areas Ripe for Transformation – identify and maximise your digital opportunities  
  • Collaborative Working 
  • Getting Buy-in Across the Organisation 
  • Building Teams to identify, shape and deliver Digital Transformation projects 
  • Digital Governance and Risk Management 

Session 3

Digital Strategy and Implementation 

Key themes include: 

  • Developing Your Digital Transformation Strategy 
  • Innovation & Digitally Disruptive Business Models 
  • Challenging Existing Business Models 
  • Leveraging Emerging Technologies such as AI, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and data analytics in digital transformation 
  • Planning Your Digital Transformation 
  • Running a Digital Project 
  • Executing Your Transformation 
  • Tools & Methodologies for Implementing Digital transformation 
  • Review and Measuring Results 
  • Build, critique and your ‘takeaway’ Action Plan 

Whilst this programme is not linked to a formal qualification, it will contribute to the delegate’s ongoing personal and professional development.

Grant Sills

Grant Sills


Grant is a dedicated tutor specialising in digital transformation, IT, Sales and Coaching. With a wealth of experience in SaaS, learning technologies and coaching, he brings a unique learning experience to his training and coaching practice. 

His years of experience in the learning technology industry have honed his skills as a seasoned tutor, and he is passionate about creating real sustainable change with a long-lasting impact from his training. His commitment to learning and development is evident in his work with organisations across all sectors including; automotive, not-for-profit, public sector and many more. 

As a qualified IT technician with accreditations from City & Guilds, Microsoft and CompTIA, he brings a solid foundation of technical expertise to his tutoring practice. His commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends is reflected in his dedication to continuous professional development, attending several tech events each year and networking with influential figures from both the technologies and Learning and Development sector. 

Grant believes in using proven methods to help learners retain knowledge and gain a growth mindset for future learning on the topic, enabling learners to take more control of their development path. His goal is to empower learners and create exciting journeys that inspire long-lasting change and learning. This has been honed and demonstrated during his time as a senior leader at several organisations, leading and mentoring teams. 

He also has a keen interest in sales, customer service and leadership development, operating a coaching offering for select clients in these roles. 


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Is this course right for you?

  • Develop a digital action plan to implement into your organisation
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of digital transformation and its impact on business strategies and operation
  • Develop the skills to lead and manage change effectively in the context of digital transformation
  • Identify emerging technologies and trends relevant to the organisation's industry and explore their potential for driving innovation and growth


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