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Training for New Company Directors | Directors Development Programme Accelerator

Fast-track your learning curve with In Professional Development's exclusive training courses for new company directors. Accredited courses and virtual or face-to-face training for new company directors. 

Training For Company Directors: Get Ready For Your Next Big Career Step

There’s no doubt about it, becoming a company director is a big career move and should rightly be leaving you feeling both excited and apprehensive. But with the right training, you can make a smooth transition into this exhilarating new role and take the next step in your career with confidence.

Directors Development Programme Accelerator

Professional training for new company directors can give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your role. Fast-track your learning curve and gain an essential understanding of the legal and financial responsibilities of directors; how to effectively lead a board of directors; and best practices for governance with In Professional Development’s exclusive Directors Development Programme Accelerator.

Accredited by the University of Chester, this specialist training for new company directors has been designed by industry experts. Over five days you will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of a director including legal obligations, personal liabilities, and expected duties
  • Build crucial commercial, operational and leadership skills and knowledge 
  • Improve your confidence and abilities to effectively operate at executive-level management
  • Gain an understanding of the latest boardroom best practice and principles
  • Develop fundamental interpersonal skills to better influence the board and deliver more effective outcomes that align with your company goals
  • Learn how to make more informed decisions, view challenges more objectively, and deliver more efficient results across your business

This programme of training for new company directors offers an outstanding personal and professional development opportunity. Whether you choose to study online or in person, this exceptional course gives leaders the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to feel supported in their thrilling new role.

Advanced Leadership Training for New Company Directors

Want to take your learning and preparation even further? Brush up on some key areas of business with our advanced leadership training options for new company directors.

Gain insight into the processes and methodologies of marketing planning and strategy with the Director Development Programme - Strategic Marketing for Non-Marketing Directors.

Over two days you will develop a tactical and commercial perspective on the underlying issues that affect a business and how they can be addressed through effective strategic planning in marketing. 

Or if you are looking to expand your understanding of key financial concepts, terminology and how to assess reports, how about enrolling on our Director Development Programme - Finance for Non-Finance Directors course. This course will give the skills to interpret key financial statements, models, and ratios, and confidently evaluate the financial position of your organisation, making it the perfect training for new company directors.

And if you don’t have too much time to prepare then our Director Development Programme - Advanced Leadership for Directors course makes a great investment. In just two days – either face-to-face or in the virtual classroom – this training course for new company directors will teach you strategies for shaping and influencing organisational change and transformation, and will increase your confidence in applying strategic leadership and management strategies. Learn to build and develop resilience in your new workforce and become an inspiring business leader.

With this training under your belt, you'll be ready to take on the challenges of your new role with confidence. These training modules can also contribute towards achieving a Post Graduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership for Directors and beyond that a full MBA with the University of Chester. So if you're looking to start the new chapter of your career with a bang, professional training for new company directors is the answer.


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